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Where does one begin after the last two weeks?

Where does one begin after the last two weeks?

No real experience… (

Amateurs, and liars, and Presidential confidants, oh my…
Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner don’t have a clue as to what they are getting themselves and this country into. To that short list, you can add Trump ventriloquist and white supremacist, Steve Bannon, Trump and Manafort buddy, and “falsehood promoter,” Roger Stone, Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and probably a few others. Interestingly, everyone I just mentioned has an intellect far superior to their doofus President, Donald J. Trump. And it ain’t even close.

Think about it once again, please. Trump can barely speak or read. There is no depth of intellect, and he can’t explain much of anything he has been involved with since declaring for office. He is basically ignorant to the ways of the world outside of his no-accountability Trump Tower. He just doesn’t get it. And other than a few of the Generals appointed to some of the top security, and defense, positions, few, if any, in his administration are qualified or have the experience to run the departments they head.

The Russians are playing the amateurs… (Getty Images)


Imagine, Jared Kushner, a senior White House advisor, and Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, has absolutely no experience in government whatsoever. And he lied by not disclosing on his application for a security clearance, his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and Russian banker Sergey Gorlovka, regarding setting up a “secret back-channel for communication between the Trump team and the Russian government.” CNN alleged that U.S. Intelligence officials have claimed Kislyak is a top Russian spy and spy recruiter.” And this is the guy that Michael Flynn and Kushner are doing business with?

I never lie, never! I just don’t always recollect… (AP photo/Susan Walsh)


Attorney General Sessions! Just another liar…
Li’Nsession– reference Brokennews NeWerd Dictionary. Attorney General Sessions also lied under oath during his confirmation hearing, about his various contacts with numerous Russian officials. Read about it here.    

So where does the buck stop?
President Harry Truman had a small sign on his desk that said- “The buck stops here.” That sign indicated Truman’s sense of responsibility and that he wasn’t one to pass the buck. Our current President seems to have no sense of responsibility, places blame anywhere he can: Obama, Hillary, the Media, etc., etc. And if there are any real “bucks” getting passed, I’m quite sure they are American green, and winding up in the pockets and accounts of Ivanka, Jarred, Eric Trump and Donald Jr.

“The buck stops here” sign, should appear on the desk of every elected official in Washington; and for that matter, in the entire United States- Republican, Democrat and Independent alike. But now, it’s time the Republicans started paying attention to what our lying, deceitful, ignorant and possibly psychologically impaired President has been doing since he took office, and quite possibly before he took office.

For the good of our country, the Republicans need to standup and be counted with the Democrats. The Republicans need to do what they would be doing if a Democratic President were possibly guilty of what has been going on with Trump and company. Can anyone imagine what the GOP would be demanding if Hillary were the President, under similar circumstances? It’s time to act like an American… Not a Democrat, not a Republican or an Independent, an AMERICAN.

Think about this __ As Trump Erupts In Crazy, Most Republicans Hold Fast- For Now…

Why do they treat me so badly?
(Sniffle, sniffle) I’m a nice guy… (


“No politician in history has been treated worse…”
So said Mr.Trump, at the recent Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony. An out of place comment for sure. Anyone in the audience must realize the answer to Mr. Trump’s statement is as clear as the anchor on a Coast Guard Cutter… And then there is his comment on the size of the audience he assumed he attracted. Read it all here and you decide.

So how badly has Mr. Trump been treated?
Four U.S. presidents have been assassinated: Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and of course John Kennedy. Several others were targets of assassins, but were not killed: Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt, Ford, and Ronald Reagan, who was seriously wounded. So, other than Mr. Tump’s take on the news media and some wonderfully funny SNL skits, I’d say things aren’t so bad.

What is bad, however, are the endless flow of ignorant tweets coming from Don-boy’s tweeter that continuously highlight his thin-skin, his ineptness, and his overall ignorance. There are clearly too many Trump-tweets each week for me to start listing them, but this guy needs to get a life and a job as far from D.C. as possible, for the good of the country.

As Trump continues to blame the media for most of his problems, more and more are jumping on that bandwagon. Even the recent “body slamming” of a reporter up in Montana, by a Republican, Congressional candidate the day before a special election, is being hailed by many as an ok thing to do. And I’m guessing that Mr. Trump will somehow feed that fire wherever, and whenever he feels the need.

The bottom line…
Trump got just under 63 million votes. While Hillary got just under 68 million votes. Trump’s win came in the electoral college, and that was that. Trump is the President. That said, I predict the Trump worshippers could become a significant problem as more and more blame is heaped on the media, especially if Trump is impeached or forced to resign. 

Today Trump’s approval rating is pretty low at 37%. I’m quite sure that there are at least 50-55 million Trump worshippers out there who will never leave his side, and that in itself is frightening.

And although there are many of those supporters who really don’t have any more of a clue about what Trump is doing than Trump does, there are many who are quite intelligent, and voted for him because the they didn’t like Hillary. Well Hillary is long gone and they had better wake up, as Trump leads our country down a path he doesn’t understand, can’t explain and doesn’t really give a damn about. Quite possibly a path of no return.

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

This week’s NeWerd is * Gergenesque – The standard by which I choose to judge the political commentators we read and observe on all media, as well as those politicians making the news. David Gergen is a senior political commentator on CNN. He is a Republican who served in the White House under four administrations: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

An exceptional commentator, David Gergen is extremely knowledgeable, and always speaks the truth, regardless of the situation or the party involved. He is honest, forthright, exceptionally smart, and tuned in to what is correct, proper and ethical. If only more politicians everywhere, and especially those in the White House, regardless of party were Gergenesque, we’d all be living in a better world. To learn more about this truly exceptional and highly regarded American, check him out here, on Wiki.

You will find The Brokennews NeWerd Dictionary by clicking here.

For future reference: The Congressional Switchboard: Let your voice be heard…  Call your Representative or Senator- 202-224-3121

So now what?

So now what?

Good man, good job, my buddy… (Reuters/Gary Cameron)


The Republicans need to standup, and BIG TIME!
So F.B.I. Director Comey gets fired, and there are mixed feelings everywhere. The firing  is somewhat understandable considering the way Dir. Comey dealt with Hillary’s emails and that so-called investigation, as well as a few other issues. Of course, Mr. Trump was praising Director Comey back then, in a BIGLY way. But now it seems a convenient reason to fire the Director… months after the fact. Could there be another reason?


I’ll tell the truth! High five?
Goodbye… Pick one.
(Getty Image)


Seems to me its safe to assume that the Trump-Russia investigation was getting a little to close for Mr. Trump’s comfort. So Mr. Trump fires the guy leading that investigation. It ain’t brain surgery folks, its Trump-business  as usual. Now would be a good time for the Republicans and Democrats to work together to make sure that an investigation is put in the hands of a Special, non-partisan, committee and go for the gold… regardless of wherever it might lead. Get the answers, prosecute if necessary, close the investigation and get back to running our country in a way that brings credibility to one and all. And hopefully both sides of the aisle will be represented in doing the correct and honest thing to end this mindless, and repeatedly, Trump-delayed debacle. Its not likely, but it would be the absolutely best thing for our country.

My prediction, the next person to go will be Sean Spicer. Apparently he is at the Pentagon for a week or so, fulfilling his Naval Reserve duty. Now it did come to my mind last week when Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Saunders replaced Spicer for a day, that she would soon be replacing her boss. She did a much better job.

Overall Spicer has been an embarrassment from the get-go, and I’m surprised he’s been kept around as long as he has. This afternoon, Saunders was back at the podium. Shortly after that someone at the White House mentions to a CNN reporter that due to yesterday’s Comey-chaos, Spicer might be replaced. Of course, why not, it’s gotta be Spicer’s fault… the Comey-chaos was totally Spicer’s fault. Gee, I assumed it was O’bama’s fault. I guess, as much as he would like to, Mr. Trump just can’t blame everything on his  predecessor, President Barak Obama.

Regarding Spicer, here’s another theory…
Melissa McCarthy is hosting SNL this Saturday night, 05/13. And I’ll bet, that when Mr. Trump found out, he wanted Spicer gone to avoid another embarrassing, podium-driven, chaos-filled news conference. Gosh, now that I think about it, I sure hope Lorne Michaels and the SNL cast will be ready to go with a last minute, “Sean-will-be-fired-by-the-weekend,” and Sarah Huckabee Saunders will be the replacement… Be assured Cecile Strong will probably get the call.

The bottom line…
I have predicted that Mr. Trump will be gone before the end of 2018. I will stick with that. Our current POTUS45, and several of his top level hacks – Conway, Bannon, Spicer and now Saunders, backed up by several TV, blonde talking heads, as well as former Sen. Rick Santorum, former Rep. Jack Kingston, and Jeffery Lord, are all liars in their own right, and some of the biggest backers of the “Liar in Chief,” ever. But none do it like Mr. BIGLY, and the difference is simple… He believes it! Yes, Mr. Trump thinks that whatever words come out of his mouth are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… Also known as D I V E R S I O N!

With that in mind, Mitch McConnell and his cronies would best serve the country, by supporting the concept and implementation of a “true” Special Prosecutor to follow through with the Trump-Russian investigation and take it all the way to the end, regardless of where it leads. In doing so, all supporters and believers of getting to the truth will benefit. In the end, we become a better country, a stronger country, a more open and transparent country. And that will make “America Great Again,” because ever since Mr. Trump took his Presidential oath, the United States of America has been in a decline mode.

This country is in sore need of leadership. I’m not sure who, when, or how that will happen, but the United States can’t keep running on empty. We are better than that.

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

For future reference: The Congressional Switchboard: Let you voice be heard…

Call your Representative or Senator- 202-224-3121
You will find The Brokennews NeWerd Dictionary by clicking here.

Apparently its about accountability, or the lack thereof…

Apparently its about accountability, or the lack thereof…

Buddy, buddy… Mr. Trump and his lying National Security Advisor, General Flynn.
Seems these liars move about in the same circles. That said, Mr. Trump doesn’t have a clue what it means to be accountable for one’s actions. Especially as it relates to holding the highest office in the land.

Its all coming together now…
Mr. Trump has led the better part of his life with little or no accountability. Seriously, think about it. Prior to becoming President, while sitting upon his throne in Trump Tower, high above the city of New York, Trump believed he was King, the Supreme Ruler, the Dictator, the BIG CHEESE, Top Dog, Mr. BIGLY…

History tells us he was a major thug in his business and personal worlds, with little or no accountability. He could cheat any chef, electrician or contractor he wanted. He (thought he) could grope any woman, anytime, anywhere, and get away with it.  He could sue or counter-sue and tie adversaries up in court(s) for years, costing them boku bucks, and settling for pennies on the dollar. And he could lie all he wanted with little or no repercussions.

Then, Mr. Trump, somewhat unexpectedly becomes the President of the United States.  Wow!!
That changed everything. He suddenly became accountable; only he didn’t realize it. All of a sudden his word wasn’t law. He now had to work with other people, some of whom had also been elected to their positions in the government, as well as those who were appointees, or hires. And even though he is now the President, he must now work with people, who must work with other people, who don’t often work well together. Then he tells us it ain’t so easy. It’s more difficult than he thought and he misses his old life. Well dude… Go back to your old life, please!

How does he get away with it? He holds a rally of course…
Mr. Trump was speaking at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 29th, the very same night he chose not to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner back in D.C. He didn’t want to be at that dinner because he knew he’d be joked about and trashed regarding his 100 Daze of buffoon status. So he held a rally where he spoke to thousands of his supporters, rattling off the same old, same old, and the audiences went crazy. As usual, he said  nothing of any substance. He never does… Nothing, zero, zip, nada… He says nothing, and he knows nothing and his crowds just lap it up.

He lies, he boasts, he inflates statistics, and he exaggerates like you’ve never heard. And the crowds go crazy. And those crowds? Well they’re almost as scary as the guy they’re cheering for. But what’s so amazing about Trump-worship is this… Basically, this guy really isn’t saying anything much different than he did back when he rode down that escalator to declare for the Presidency. At least 95% or more of what he said at last months rally, or the rally before that, or the one before that, or at the inauguration, is the same old- “I’m great, I’m a record breaker, I can fix anything, the media lies, I’ll build that wall, Obamacare will be repealed, and on, and on, and on. Yada, yada, yada… The same old hot air BS, that amounts to not very much.

 Nope, it’s the same-old  crap he’s been rallying about month after month: Jobs, coal, how big his win against Hillary was, the electoral college, fake news, the media, rebuilding our military, the size of his audiences, the size of his hands, or whatever. The Democrats fail at everything, radical Islamic terrorists, etc.,etc. Everything Mr. Trump says and does is the biggest, and best, record-breaking, like you’ve never seen before, whatever it is, in the history of the world.

The point of all this is quite simple… Mr. Trump has little or no information to back up most of what slobbers down his jowls. He never gets into particulars, but there is always blame to be spread  anywhere but in Trump-world. He clearly doesn’t like to sit down and take questions from journalists on most of the topics he mentions, or any topic in the news because he knows little to nothing. There is no depth of understanding…

Now granted I do watch the talking heads on CNN quite a bit. And the  two statements that stuck out the most were comments on that last rally- (1) When Paul Bigala said that Trump was a “moral midget, and that he is dividing the country.” Bigala is a political commentator and a former advisor to Bill Clinton. (2) When David Gregen said that “Trump’s speech was the most divisive and deeply disturbing speech he’s ever heard by a sitting President…” If Bigala is too one sided for you, consider this- David Gergen, also a commentator and senior political analyst on CNN, served in the administrations of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. David Gergen is well liked, trusted, and immensely respected.


Flynn-Flam, Flynn -be-gone… Trump’s National Security Advisor Resigns. (

The bottom line…
Now come the diversions- It would be an honor to meet with Kim JONG-un, Trump wants to meet President Duterte of the Philippines, sure, let’s have a Government-shutdown, and he  won’t answer interview questions. What a piece of work this Trump guy is… This  morning he tweets that it was Obama who gave Gen. Michael Flynn, his high security clearance. Implying once again that its all Obama’s fault.  And that tweet came out just hours before former, acting *Attorney General Sally Yates and James Clapper, former  Director of National Intelligence, were scheduled to speak before the Senate subcommittee investigating Russia’s possible involvement in the U.S. Presidential election, via Michael Flynn, and possibly others on Trump’s Team. It’s all a diversion.

So the Merry-go-round in D.C., just keeps going in circles. When will it come to a stop, resulting in either Mr. Trump’s resignation or his impeachment? I suspect that will happen only when the GOP can’t keep ignoring the obvious. That “obvious” comes in different sizes and shapes. First, could be the mental well-being and competence of the person elected to be our 45th U.S. President. The 25th Amendment would refer to several possibilities regarding the removal or vacancy of the office of President. To reference, click here. The Second would be the possible collusion and or breaking of U.S. laws, some of which might relate to treason, within the Trump Administration, before, during and after the election itself.

Our current President, is an ignorant, bully of a man. He is a thug whose lies and insults demean the office, it’s credibility and the country. He lacks the understanding that what he says and does can affect 325 million citizens in this country alone. We cannot afford to have a person like Mr. Trump in an office and position of supreme authority that allows for the firing of nuclear weapons. The sooner he is replaced the better off the country and the world will be. And the sooner the GOP can get on board with that understanding, the better.

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

For future reference: The Congressional Switchboard: Let your voice be heard…

Call your Representative or Senator- 202-224-3121

 This week’s NeWerd is – * YatesGate – When the former, Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates came forth and presented to the White House, possible incriminating evidence against then, National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn which might make him a blackmail target of the Russians. That awareness by AG Yates apparently led to her being fired, and then took the White House 18 days to act on this apparently “new” information regarding Gen. Flynn before he was fired. As Sally Yates said… “You don’t want a situation where a national security advisor could get blackmailed by the Russians.”

You will find The Brokennews NeWerd Dictionary by clicking here.