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Brokennews NeWerd Dictionary

The Brokennews NeWerd Dictionary

BanBannon – Get rid of the crazy white guy! He’s the POTUS ventriloquist and he is really dangerous. Where are Ivanka and Jarred when we really need them?

Brokennews – An average Bob’s commentary about various aspects of the news, both good and bad, presented to us all-day, everyday. And although this Bob tends to gravitate to the Moderate-Liberal side of most issues, he is aware enough, and smart enough to differentiate between The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, when it’s shoved at us 24/7/365, by representatives of both sides of the various issues as well as by a news media that lacks the courage and or conviction to fight for the correct answer.

At the same time, does acknowledge that since this viper named Donald Trump has come on the Presidential scene, many in the press have been known to muster up more courage and conviction in their approach to the news, to their commentary, their questions, and most importantly, their quest for honest answers. If it can stay that way from here on out, we all benefit.

DeVos – DeVos rhymes with Da Boss, a.k.a. POTUS. And neither has the experience or “education” required to support the very important positions they individually hold. Which student will flunk or be sent packing first remains to be seen.

DonDongGoneWrong – Don-boy… Women are to be treated with respect. You and your guy pals need to get a clear understanding of that. And if you can’t, at least keep your misogynistic mouth shut. Do ya get it?

DumpTrump – No definition required.

Falsehood – Plain and simple… This is a real word, and it needs to be here, because lies are such a major part of who Donald Trump is. And even he doesn’t get it… A falsehood is a lie, so let’s call it a lie. As in President Trump is a liar. As in Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer lie for POTUS.

FlynnFlam – Just more BS from an Administration that seems to live by the lie. And a former three star General, who is now Trump’s national security adviser who first lied about speaking with a top Russian diplomat several months ago, before The Trump was even elected, and now conveniently can’t remember exactly what that conversation was about.

WOW! What an Administration!! A House full of liars, a President with apparent Attention Deficit Disorder whose brain power is rated at 140 characters, who understands little more than three sentences at a time, and can’t seem to ever address any Presidential topic in depth or with any real understanding. And a national security advisor with little or no memory. Great, just great…

So, Flynn-be-gone… Who’s next, and who knew what and when? Let’s all remember where that so-called buck stops. So when will Don-boy be gone? It can’t happen soon enough!!

FoX-U – To the Fox Network, and all, who demonstrate a tolerance of the misogynistic which speaks directly to their lack of intelligence, their on-going permissiveness, and their total lack of respect for women of all races and color.

Gergenesque – The standard by which I choose to judge the political commentators we read and observe on all media, as well as those politicians making the news. David Gergen is a senior political commentator on CNN. He is a Republican who served in the White House under four administrations: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

David Gergen is extremely knowledgeable, and always speaks the truth, regardless of the situation or the party involved. He is honest, forthright, exceptionally smart, and tuned in to what is correct, proper and ethical. If only more politicians everywhere, and especially those in the White House, regardless of party were Gergenesque, we’d all be living in a better world.

GunsOfNavarro – That would be Ana Navarro… One very bright, tough, and outstanding Republican Strategist who is not afraid to fire both barrels of justified criticism at our so-called President. Right from the beginning Ana Navarro has been appalled at the behavior of candidate Trump, and now POTUS45… And she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She is just another example of a party strategist who is so intelligent, articulate, well informed, opinionated, and way more than just competent. (02-27-2017)

KellyanneCon(which)way? – A person who knowingly reinforces false truths. A con? A falsehood? An alternative fact? Maybe a lie? What does it all mean? Not to worry, it will be partly taken back 2-3 days later. (Come on Kellyanne, your better than this… Dump The Trump.)

KimJong-B’gone – China must take the lead in replacing the North Korean Dictator.

Li’Nsession– Pronounced- Lie-N-Session When an apparent liar, at the top-tier of an organization, can’t keep his words or lies straight and falls back to “I don’t remember…” AG Sessions just can’t get it straight. So if he’s lying, get rid of the bum. And if like his surrogate buddy Gen. Flynn, a.k.a. FlynnFlam, he is forgetful, don’t believe it… Get rid of the bum.

LieOnopolis An orange maned, king-of-the-jungle-wannabe, who apparently believes he wears a crown and can become a dictator like his buddy in Russia. Trust me, it ain’t gonna happen.

McConnell19 – An elected official who is afraid of the truth.

NeWerd – A word or combination of several words or letters, written as one word, which describes a person, an incident, or event, regardless of political affiliation, gender, nationality, or whatever.

Overtalker – Any person who tries to “talk over” the voice of another person who is speaking, by statement, by question or by answer, as part of a conversation. For example, The Supremo-interrupter is easily Chris Matthews of MSNBC. But there are others for sure: Ben Ferguson, Katrina Pierson, Scottie Nell Hughes, just to name a few, regardless of party affiliation.

PhonEbug – An all too common bug which the TweetyBird doesn’t get, can’t digest, and spits out.

POTUS45 – Pea-brained, Oblivious, Thoughless, Uncouth, Sociopathetic… Yes, that would be President Trump.

Prejudent – The current (so-called) leader of the free world, who repeatedly, unjustly, unknowingly or knowingly, and without remorse, spreads hate through a preconceived opinion based on ignorance, and not based on reason or an actual experience.

Scareamooch – He loves Mr. Trump, he lies for Mr. Trump, he spreads BS for Mr. Trump, And he can Scare a country… along with Mr. Trump.

Session(s) – Time spent trying to convince others that the lie you are putting forth on behalf of your “so-called” employer our your life in general is the truth. And that the N-Word means “never mind.” Or it could mean, not so, not true, or never happened… again, as it relates to who you really are, and what you really believe… Or don’t want others to believe or know about you.

SNL – Truth through humor… A check and balance and one of the most honest and straightforward commentaries on the world around us. And although we may laugh, there is not always humor in the truth. So thank you Lorne Michaels and all, for your honesty…

Sociopathetic – I’m sorry, but I am perfect, and I’m never wrong. And the fact you see things differently is just beyond (my) comprehension. So bug-off or I’ll tweet a criticism about you and how you are over-rated, and a so-called American of Mexican heritage. And by the way… You’re fired!

Spicier – When it Melissa McCarthy, and clearly more honest. Then again, when Melissa is Sean, her boss is Lorne Michaels and not The Trump. And even satirized accountability is often truthful.

Teletrumpter – Like the Teleprompter, a device used in television and moviemaking to project a speaker’s script, out of sight of the audience. The Teletrumpter is somewhat similar to a teleprompter, except it is larger, with slower moving words, larger letters and various yellow light signals up and down the right and left sides of the screen, indicating when the reader might smile, laugh, look stern, puff a lip, pout, sniffle or cry. The top and bottom of the screen have red light reminders, alerting the speaker or reader, to speak calmly, try not to slobber or spit, don’t stray from the script and ad-lib, don’t be vile or disgusting, and most important… Try not to lie too much.

Transbender – Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of which direction to lean or bend does not correspond with his or her stated preferences or history. A person who is a mismatch between who they are, and those they wish to mislead or sway to a different point of view.

Trumpeld – Bullied, pushed around, threatened, or trampled.

Trumpivarius –  According to their reputation, the quality of their sound has defied attempts to explain or equal it, though this belief is disputed.”

Trump’s100Daze – Right from the dictionary: Daze– NOUN a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment: “he was walking around in a daze”
synonyms: stupor · trance · haze · spin · whirl · muddle · jumble

TweetyBird (a.k.a., POTUS45) – The orange-headed tweeter is a silly, often offensive and vulgar creature, lacking knowledge, direction, and purpose. It squawks “Nobody” and tweets mindlessly, in search of another distraction.

WashingtonDC – The District of Donald-Crap

YatesGate – When the former, Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates came forth and presented to the White House, possible incriminating evidence against then, National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn which might make him a blackmail target of the Russians. That awareness by AG Yates apparently led to her being fired, and then took the White House 18 days to act on this apparently “new” information regarding Gen. Flynn before he was fired. As Sally Yates said… “You don’t want a situation where a national security advisor could get blackmailed by the Russians.”