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Trump is now using the Teletrumpter…

Trump is now using the Teletrumpter…

Teletrumpter ‘Tele,trum(p)ter noun N. American


Photo courtesy of Spencer Glatt/Getty Images

Like the Teleprompter, a device used in television and moviemaking to project a speaker’s script out of sight of the audience, the Teletrumpter is somewhat similar to a teleprompter, except it is larger, with slower moving words, larger letters and various yellow light signals up and down the right and left side of the screen, indicating when the reader might smile, laugh, look stern, puff a lip, pout, sniffle or cry. The top and bottom of the screen has red light reminders, alerting the speaker or reader, to speak calm, try not to slobber or spit, don’t stray from the script and ad-lib, don’t be vile or disgusting, and most important… Try not to lie too, too much.

The Teletrumpter, which travels with The Trump whenever he has a speaking engagement was borrowed from the George W. Bush Presidential Library, where it was part of a much visited and admired exhibit, which featured W’s Etch-a-Sketch collection.

As for how The Trump uses this device: His advisors are encouraging him to ad lib no more… It is better (and safer) he should read. And it is ever so obvious as he reads, that he has very little knowledge of the words going into his eyes from the “Teleptrumpter”, and coming out that often blubbering, mouth that so often spews forth lies. His handlers are trying to make him look more in control, more Presidential if you will. But let us not be fooled… Trump is Trump. Be assured that sooner or later he will revert to the real Trump. At that point he will once again lose control, and God only knows what will spew forth from The Trump’s pucker.

More “Tid-Bits” as to why red flags are flying on both sides of the aisle…
As a Presidential candidate for the GOP, Donald Trump has lots of people worried, and not just those in Congress. But one prime example of someone who is most definitely worried is the Senate Majority Leader. This past Sunday, on ABC’s This Week, with George Stephanopoulos, George asked Senator McConnell (R Kentucky) if The Trump was qualified to be to be President. His answer was short and simple, “Look, I’ll leave that to the American people to decide... And of course it immediately reminded me of Barak Obama being elected President in 2008 and of McConnell’s failed attempt at keeping him from being re-elected in 2012, though as we all know, he was. Of course, when left “to the American people to decide…” It apparently made no impression on McConnell and his followers when it came to helping America. To this day, they continue to basically ignore our president and fight everything he tries to accomplish, every step of the easy.

Click here to see a segment of the interview with Stephanopoulos-McConnell


The bottom line…
A saying we have all heard over the years is that “you cannot tell a book by it’s cover…;” but you certainly can tell The Trump by the way he lies, speaks without thinking, back-pedals, changes positions, tries to divert or place blame, and likes to say he “heard” this, or he “heard” that.

Be assured that your worst nightmares about The Trump could turn out to be true. This frightening, comic book bad guy, is a bad guy. And aren’t we all tired of his insulting, lying, racist, bigoted, fascist persona? And who is he really? I firmly believe that Trump the Transbender leans way more to the left, than he does to the right, and that is something the GOP is most definitely worried about. Although I don’t believe he will beat Hillary, until the votes are counted, we should all be very, very afraid; all of us, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and whomever… This con man “Apprentice” is qualified for very little, other than being a world class bully.

So the next time he is reading one of those speeches written for him from the Teletrumpter, listen carefully to what he says about national or world events. Listen to his answers about how he will solve problems, deal with world leaders, negotiate international business and policy matters, and be prepared to be stunned. I mean, can you imagine?

Personally, I look forward to his debates with Hillary. The Trump will neither have any substantive answers to the really tough questions, nor a depth of understanding of the question. And it will be obvious that Hillary does, and she will call him on it. And that’s when the real Trumpster will once again show his ignorant and uninformed true self. And then the real Breaking News will be repeated over, and over, and over again, when he spews forth one insult after another as he once again, tries to divert an un-question, in attempt to change the subject.

The question then becomes – When will those supposed Trump supporters get off their tails, and realize what a threat to sanity, peace, literate comprehension, and preserving a pretty damn good way of life, this con artist is? Make America Great Again? How about America is great, let’s keep it that way and make it even better?

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter…



The Faces of Orlando… June 2016


Photo courtesy of: USA TODAY NETWORK Rick Neale, Florida Today

I chose not to write this weeks column until the very last minute. Why? Because I wanted to wait and see how the “gun bill vote went in the Senate last night. And although I had grand hopes, it went as I expected… Not well!

As reported by CNN, “Senators couldn’t muster enough bipartisan support to pass a series of gun control measures Monday, the latest in a long string of failed attempts at enacting tighter curbs on firearms in the United States…”

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, during a recent filibuster, citing Orlando, Sandy Hook, and other assault weapon related killings was hoping to see some bipartisan unity, take control and come up with something that would put even a small dent the in NRA backed influence that seems to control the voting habits of members of both parties.

Clearly it is mostly the GOP that sways the vote with NRA $$ backed influence when it comes to votes such as those that took place last night. And that pretty much says it all! Politicususa reported last night that the NRA has donated some $56 million dollars to the 56 Republican Senators who voted against the gun violence legislation Click here to learn more.

Recent polls have indicated that 90% of all Americans want this legislation as do 80% of gun owners. I remember back around the time of Sandy Hook that it was reported that 72% of the NRA membership supported more extensive background checks for those wishing to purchase a gun… So it seems to me that Wayne La Pierre really represents gun manufacturers to a greater degree than the NRA membership.

Again, Politicususa suggest that we “stop blaming the NRA for gun violence and focus on cowardly Republicans instead…” And my guess is that it’s not going to stop anytime soon, and maybe never Click here and see what you think.

Now for the most part, I really don’t have a problem with Americans having the right to own guns. What I have a difficult time understanding is why the many gun owners would feel the need to own an AR-15 assault rifle, or have a need for armor- piercing bullets. It really doesn’t make sense at all.

For more on AR-15 assault rifles Click here:

Read more on Armor piercing bullets Click here:

The Faces of Sandy Hook… December 2012


In Loving Memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary Victims. Photo courtesy of: @ILMSHEV

The bottom line…
Americans must take responsibility in the fight to curb gun violence and it can start with a vote. I always say if you don’t vote, don’t complain. Well if you are going to complain, then vote against, those responsible for allowing the lack of laws that are responsible for the deaths of so many. And those numbers include children, people of all colors, religions and sexual preference. And when assault weapons are spewing hundreds of bullets in all directions, in a matter of seconds or minutes, the bullets do not discriminate. And in many, many cases, the shooter should never have had a gun to begin with.

So I say God Bless America… And to hell with any elected official in this country that continues to allow lax, uncaring, and insensitive, NRA, influenced, $$ backed legislation that allows the cold blooded murder of anyone, anywhere.

I would ask that it you haven’t read my earlier column on Sandy Hook and the National Rifle Association titled: “From his cold dead hand“, please click here:

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter…

Prejudent Trump? It does have a ring to it. DING DONG!!

Prejudent Trump? It does have a ring to it. DING DONG!!



One can only need imagine…
Dat, ta da dat, ta da daaaa…, Dat, ta da dat, ta da daaaa…, Dat, ta da dat, ta da daaaaaaaa… Yup, it’s him! It is” Oh my gosh! It’s Prejudent Trump… Hail to the creep!
Dat, ta da ta da, ta da… Whatever! Yada, yada, yada.


Noun- Prejudent… The leader of the (so-called) free world, who repeatedly, unjustly, unknowingly and knowingly, and without remorse, spreads hate through a preconceived opinion based on ignorance, not based on reason or actual experience. Ta daaaa… Guess who?


So toward whom has The Trump shown prejudice or bigotry towards? Well without naming names, and in alphabetical order- this jerk repeatedly has made prejudicial remarks directed at: American Indians, Blacks, Cubans, the Disabled, Federal Judges, Hispanics, Muslims, most any Opponent, the Press, and of course, Women. Oh how wanna-be Prejudent Trump likes to make prejudice trash talk about women. And where were Ryan, McConnell, Gingrich, and others when The Trump was mocking New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski?


Behind closed doors…
Now I could easily name several dozen names which we have repeatedly seen or heard trashed in the news during this Presidential Primary season, but I won’t… We all know who they are, and who they will continue to be. But one can only guess the overwhelming numbers who have been trashed over the decades by this lout, prior to his run towards the White House. And considering that it is a “white” house, can we imagine what moniker The Trump might come up with, if he were elected, and moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, following the first president of color?


I mean, this guy Trump, is the worst, most disgusting, vile person, to think about leading our country, that has ever come down the pike. And now he will probably be the (only*) GOP candidate. How embarrassing it must be for Paul Ryan and his pals to have to stand behind this guy. Those Americans who plan to vote for The Trump, remarkably do not seem to realize what a bad person he is. For what it’s worth, I actually do know a few Republicans and Democrats who say they would never vote for Hillary, and that Trump is their man. Many of those people know nothing of the lies, or the issues. But why would they, when their ignorance of the issues is second only to the guy they want to vote for? Pretty scary times…


The bottom line…
Now I could go on, and on, but let me close with the idea that this blustering pile of prejudice needs to be stopped from becoming President, the highest political office in “our” land. And the people that can do this are the Republicans. That’s right, the GOP must come out in force, under the leadership of Paul Ryan. The simple words are “enough is enough… We can not risk letting this ignorant racist, prejudicial man gain command of our country and especially our military…”


* In force, the GOP can do what it takes to stop him. A strong third party candidate, stacked, backed and sponsored by the powers that be, within the GOP, could take enough votes away from The Trump. Yes, it will hand the Presidency to the Democrats. But at the same time, it will tell this country, and the rest of the world, that the GOP really cares. It will set a precedent that is unheard of in any previous election in this country, and possibly in any democracy. This electoral season is unlike anything that has come before it. It is ridiculous and very scary to think of The Trump as President. It would be The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, of American politics.


The GOP needs to re-vamp, alter their direction, and their principals. They need to set out and find what Americans want and need… Everyday Americans, and not just the white millionaires who fund their campaigns The GOP needs to sacrifice the short term, in favor of the long-term. And that would be what’s best for the majority of Americans and the saving of our country… to keep America Great…
Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter…


World War III?

World War III?


So let’s call it what it really is… But what is it?
Are you kidding me? “INHERENT RESOLVE” – that is the name the Pentagon and the U.S. Central Command came up with for their long-term military campaign to deal with ISIS?

The Chicago Sun-Times reported in October 2014, “The naming, which took weeks of deliberation behind closed doors…” INHERENT RESOLVE? That doesn’t even come close to stacking up with the “resolve” in the name which apparently inspires and drives the ISIS troops to action. Their nickname, or so it would seem- “Let’s kick their asses and cut their heads off…” And ISIS apparently doesn’t care whose ass they kick or whose head they cut off, or who they drown in a cage lowered into a swimming pool.

Now to be certain, I am not making fun of all this. No humor in seeing anyone have their head cut off. No humor in the slaughter perpetrated by ISIS, or any troops, in any war or conflict, at any time in history. But come on guys… INHERENT RESOLVE?

What ever happened to the minds that came up with “Desert Storm” or “Shock and Awe”? And those were just the names, I’m not even mentioning the outstanding leadership and tactics that made short work of the enemy in those conflicts.

So what is in name?
Well, we had, and still have, “The Fog of Ego” – my name for what would be Bush, Chaney, and Rumsfeld’s Iraq War, also known as Operation Iraqi Freedom, under the guise of “let’s go get those weapons of mass destruction…” Total B.S.!! And for those who care to enlist a little research- here are a few things to consider before and after the U.S. Went into Iraq, in April 2003, which has left us where we are today… Fighting in a number of countries.

1. The United States had been operating a “no-fly zone” over Iraq since 1991- I believe I heard or read somewhere that the annual cost was around two billion dollars a year, but it appeared to be keeping Hussein & Co., in check. A BIG amount of $ for sure, but no where near what that war cost since the invasion in 2003, and I’m not adding in the cost of stolen cash, weapons or supplies. And how do you place a price on the lives of the lost and wounded? Shouldn’t someone, somewhere be held accountable for lives lost due to the fabrication of circumstances? The bottom line- With the no-fly zone, Saddam was going no where and the threat of him actually going after the United States, Israel or any of his Arab neighbors seemed pretty remote.

2. Within days of 09/11, American Special-ops troops in Afghanistan were making a pretty good go of it with regard to hunting down Osama Bin Laden. That is of course until they were called off. Somehow, all of a sudden, the real villain was in Iraq. That Saddam Hussein sure was a really bad guy… And clearly at fault!

3. Numerous American statesmen have been in bed with the Saudis for years, before, during and after “W”. It’s not just a republican thing; this one clearly crosses party lines. Please make a mental note- 15 of the 19, 09/11 terrorists were Saudis, and hours after 9/11, the Bush administration helped fly Bin Laden family members safely out of the US and back to their mideast homes. Since then, any number of known, or captured terrorists have been of Saudi decent. And now we must ask our selves what about the redacted 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission report? the-9-11-report.html
4. And lastly, let me suggest a book, for reading or reference: The title, THE IRAQ WAR READER History, Documents Opinions, edited by Micah L. Sifry and Christopher Cerf, and published by TOUCHSTONE. While referencing this book some years ago, several chapters/”Documents” caught my attention.

a. On page 199- An Open Letter To President Clinton: Remove Saddam From Power. This letter was dated January 26, 1998, and was signed by Elliott Abrams, Richard Armitage, William J. Bennett, John Bolton, William Kristol, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, to name about half of the signees. The letter to President Clinton urged him to “implement a strategy for removing Saddam’s regime from power.” Again, the letter was dated 01-26-1998.

b. On page 222- An Open Letter To President Bush: “Lead The World To Victory”. This letter was dated September 20, 2001 only nine days after the World Trade Center Towers fell to the ground… “We agree with Secretary of State Powell that the United States must find and punish the perpetrators of the horrific attack of September 11…” Another entry mentioned Iraq, “But even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq”. Many of those who signed the Clinton letter in 1998, (but not all) also signed this letter, dated 09-20-2001.

c. On page 243 is an article originally published in the Weekly Standard, on January 21, 2002, titled What To Do About Iraq, written by Robert Kagan and William Kristol. Mr. Kristol was then, and still is the founder and the Editor of the Weekly Standard. Once again- more push about WMD, invade Iraq, oust Hussein, etc., etc., etc.

The weekly Standard is a conservative magazine and blog

I’m quite sure you get it by now- Neocons, continually pushing to go into Iraq. Well their dream came true when they got their paws/claws on “W”; they had the perfect vehicle to carry out their plan. They had young George, who might, have felt he had a lot to prove. They had a master ventriloquist in Dick Cheney and that guy can say “W M D”, through his sneer, without even moving his lips. And they had Donald “The Fog of Ego” Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense and a signee to the Clinton letter mentioned above, written 01-26-1998.

In April of 2003, the plan of attack at the time seemed sound. But as we very quickly learned, there was no “what next?” thought given or considered… Duh! And as a result thousands, and thousands of people from numerous countries are dead, still dying and will continue to die, until some allied force, from somewhere, can ban together and wipe out ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda.

What might be next…?
I’d like to think, that at this very moment, President Obama and his military commanders are silently moving troops, weapons and “boots,” into the areas around and in Baghdad, and are getting ready to deal with ISIS, with some real resolve. It’s about time. And if they’re not, and if American heads roll in Mosul or Baghdad, then what next? INHERENTLY SCREWED?

Or maybe it’s the CRUSADES PT 2…
Pakistan, March 27, 2016 Taliban terrorist SUICIDE bombers set off bombs in a park in Pakistan. First report: 67 dead, 315 injured. And the apparent goal was to kill Christians. So what are we all to think? “We” being the operative word. Because the “we” is the rest of the world. So how do “we” deal with this global terrorism? And what terror is coming next?

The bottom line…
For the record Mr. President, right or wrong, I personally do agree with this criticism- “we should stop telling the enemy when and where we’re coming and going next.” Stop telling, and stop warning the enemy! Stop giving them time to get ready! Stop giving them the time to plant more roadside bombs! Stop giving them more time to rig explosive devices in the homes and ruins! Stop! Stop! Stop! Just do it!! And if your concerns are collateral damage, get more tactical… But please stop endangering the lives of those brave Special Ops. troops who are going in under the most dangerous of circumstances. And in case no one is concerned… What are the Iraqis and the United States doing to protect the the Mosul hydro-electric dam, from both structural problems and ISIS?

So what comes next? Will it ever end? INHERENT RESOLVE? How about a little Shock and Awe ass kicking?

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.