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A crazy and distracting week. Lots of stress…

A crazy and distracting week. Lots of stress…

It has not been a good week. But don’t blame me… (AFP)


Korea, Obamacare, and Russia…

I started to write my post to last week’s blog about how I perceived the threat of North Korea and their nuke buildup… but with the overwhelming news blasts about North Korea’s failed attempt at another missile launch, the F.B.I. & N.S.A. hearing on possible Russian connections to the Trump organization and of course the failed attempt at “Repeal and Replace,” I decided to take the week off, and just sit back and try and take it all in. It’s been somewhat exhausting. And with regard to The Trump, it’s much ado about nothing…

Day by day, and week by week, the United States is slowly being flushed down the toilet by Trump, and the  politicians of both parties.  No one seems to care enough to do anything about it, at least not yet. And by the way, this is nothing new- its been going on for years. But now we can truly and wholeheartedly thank our current President for bringing this to the forefront. His actions, inactions, and his inabilities only bring attention to the overall inadequacies of our government, as a whole, from top to bottom, and across the country. People everywhere seem to be nervous, even afraid of what will happen to their medical coverage, as well as other possible blind-sides down the road. Their stomachs are tied in knots, feeling that each day of Trump-chaos lacks leadership and direction.

I am saddened and embarrassed for my country.

The current “so-called” President of the United States is a liar of the highest order, an ignorant and unaware, narcissistic  blowhard, a bully, a misogynist, and any other negative, descriptive words you and I might come up with. He is, and we are, as a country, the laughing stock of the world, and it becomes ever so obvious  our country will go nowhere under the current leadership. Primarily because there is no true leadership.

I mean really! Think about it… THE BIG DEAL MAKER, thinks he can ride roughshod over any and all who question his words, his actions, or his intentions. What’s so amazing about all this is how little he actually knows or understands about his responsibilities, and the daily goings-on of our country and the world. He speaks and tweets like a 6th grader. He lies and deflects like there is no accountability. And he directs others in the White House to lie for him to help deflect from the latest revelation of his possible wrong-doing.

The Affordable Care Act? Yes, it was all an act! (


7 years of wasted time…
The GOP had 7 years to come up with a plan that would be as good or better than they felt Obamacare was, and they blew it. Their moaning, bitching and repeated attempts to “repeal” led to nothing more than a hurried up “Repeal & Replace” package apparently put together in a few months, that looked far worse than the actual Affordable Care Act. They had 7 years…!

In all fairness to The Trump, it didn’t fail because of his actions or inactions. He never understood it to begin with. Oh he made big promises and big threats, and he even tried to blame the Democrats at first, and now blames the Conservatives. Trump hasn’t been around long enough to have real grasp or understanding of the issues. But in the end, as reported by POLITICO, it was How a secret Freedom Caucus pact brought down Obamacare repeal:

There have been 50+ votes to repeal Obamacare, and now it seems to be with us for awhile longer, and that’s not such a bad thing:

A lack of intelligence…
I’m not going to go into the Russian Debate at this time, but I will soon. It continues to develop more-and-more, and I’m betting on a political-intelligence scandal like this country has never seen before, followed by a Trump resignation and or possible impeachment proceedings before the summer of 2018.

The bottom line…
At least for the time being, we’re stuck with what we’ve got… so now might be a good time for one and all to start thinking about Term Limits… Currently terms limits only exist for the President, with two, 4 year terms, and that’s it. But Senators and House members can run for office over, and over again… Six years for Senators, and two years for House members times however many times they like. One-third of the Senate is elected every two years. The entire house is up for election each time. Changes need to be made.

I’d like to see a two-term 6 year presidency. Senators can stay at 6 years but with a two-term limit, or possibly three at the most. House members could have no more than three, 4-year terms in office. State governors also would be limited to three 4 year terms. All federal elections would continue to be held in November and all terms would begin in January. The bottom line, no one would ever hold the same office for more than 3 terms. And if the office holder wanted to run for a different office, they would be required to wait 4 years before running for office again.

As for campaigns: No campaigning until the beginning of November the year before one’s final year of their term in office, and there would be financial restrictions on donations as well as spending. Lastly, all primaries would be limited to take place during the three month period of May, June and July with conventions in August. And I’m quite sure that well structured primaries could bring more order overall.

Recall Rules are open for discussion. But voting rights are not. Bottom line… Every citizen has a right to vote.  As for how one proves they are a US Citizen- While in high school, and no later than the month of their 18th birthday, each individual will receive a U.S. Citizen ID card, acquired with proof, using either a birth certificate or a social security card. 

A Social Security card can be issued to U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents. In the future, a Social Security would have to be highlighted or coded to indicate that the card holder is in fact a U.S. Citizen. Those who come to this country and legally become US citizens would receive the same ID card. That card is good for life and can be updated with a current photograph every 8-10 years.

And no more electoral college… Majority rules!! Think positive, be strong, and please think about putting a stop to the circus in Washington, D.C. Enough already from both parties. Let’s get our country back on track and be proud Americans, and not embarrassed Americans.

The North Korean posting will follow in a few days.

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

This week’s NeWerd is *   DumpTrump-   No definition required.

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So who is bugging the US Apprentice…?

So who is bugging the US Apprentice…?


It’s a bit of a stretch…
There has been so much BS coming from Team-Trump that it boggles the imagination. Conway, Spicer and other Team members like Jeffery Lord and Kayleigh McEnany, seem to have no problem lying, twisting and misrepresenting the truth, for their boss, Donald J. Trump, a.k.a., The Trump, Don-Boy, the US Apprentice, POTUS45, and the ever popular, TweetyBird..

President Trump is the Master of Deflection. He tweets *PhonEbugs… his never ending lies, to deflect from the possible realities that lead  others to dig even deeper into what goes on in Trump World. So TweetyBird said that former President Barak Obama bugged Trump Tower. Well that really is a bit of a stretch. And now he’s backing off of that. But what if Trump Tower was bugged?

Taking into consideration the endless Russian connection stories that appear over and over… Has anyone considered that maybe the Russians bugged Trump Tower?  Now granted, this “Obama bugged me” deflection wasn’t  likely under any scenario, but anything is made to seem possible in Trump World. So lets add the Russians to the possible, but unlikely list of potential buggers.

In the meantime, our so-called President  got 8-9 days of “deflection.” Which took at least some of the attention away from AG Sessions. But thanks to numerous intrepid journalists, who continue to dig up even more Russian connections among the Trump surrogates, the Trump-Team BS continues, as more of the truth seems to leak out.

I do so look forward to the end of all this, and hopefully the end of the Trump Presidency. It can’t end soon enough. Especially when you take into consideration, that the guy just doesn’t get it.

I wish I could understand what this Obama guy was talking about..

Photo courtesy of: Getty Images


So what really “bugs” POTUS45…?  POTUS 44, of course. The list of differences would be endless, but consider the following: 44 is bright, caring, intelligent, (was) interested in his job and the world, and smart enough to want to know more, as well as understanding the importance of knowing more; 44 is an eloquent speaker, considerate of others, tells a good story or joke (The White House Correspondents Dinner), knows how to reach out  to help others or ask others for help. And clearly Barak Obama knew how to delve into the understanding and planning of a military operation to capture or kill Osama bi Laden. He knew how to depend on others in the planning and implementation of that of operation, as well as accepting the responsibility, one way or the other.

President Trump? None of they above!


You White House Correspondents really “bug me…”  (SNL-NBC)

Looking ahead…
Speaking of the White House Correspondents Dinner… I can’t wait. As I’m sure you already know The Trump wont be attending, and I predict it will be outstanding. I also predict that TweetyBird will be there, by way of Alec Baldwin or Darryl Hammond, and maybe even Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) to introduce POTUS45.

Of course, if that were to happen, I suspect that all correspondents, everywhere will be banned from the White House forever. We shall see.

The bottom line… “Who will save us from Trump?
That question was asked in a headline, in a Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed piece on March 11, written by Gene Lyons. Regarding Trump’s tweets blaming President Obama for bugging Trump Tower, Lyons suggested- “Only an impulsive fool would blurt out such an incendiary charge with no evidence whatsoever.” Lyons went on to mention “Most professionals who have weighed in on Trump’s mental health mention narcissistic personality disorder.” Lyons then referred to what the Mayo Clinic’s website says about that particular disorder. To read the full, Lyons editorial, and the Mayo Clinic reference click here:

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

This week’s NeWerd is * PhonEbug –   An all too common bug which the TweetyBird doesn’t get, can’t digest, and spits out.

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“I will speak, make that read, from my heart…”

“I will speak, make that read, from my heart…”

Tweety Bird at rest… (

“Nobody can give a speech like me…!”
Got that right pal… A Trump by any other speech is still a Trump. Please don’t be fooled by his address to Congress on February 28th….

On-the-job training for the US Apprentice…
When he does “speak”, he is often reading from a piece of paper, or a teletrumpter, and he is always instructed to “stay on track, do not stray from the words in front of you, do not ad-lib, do not stray from your script…” His inflection and general lack of interest in what he is saying comes across as someone who not only doesn’t know much about what he is saying but also that he’d rather be somewhere else… Maybe lying in his bed watching CNN, Rachel Maddow, The Apprentice, or some other show he can tweet and criticize.

In all fairness, The Trump read a semi-decent speech before Congress last week… good words, but little if any detail, and a lot of wishful thinking. In the end, my gut tells me that there were very few topics or parts of that speech, which The Trump could break down and explain.

A Trump by any other name is still a Trump…
That said, my money is on the other Trump. That would be the one who lives in different world than the majority of us live in. The one who is “tweeting” attacks on others, early in the AM, His life is about always being right, never to be criticized, and especially never questioned about the size of his adoring, inaugural crowd, or his Electoral College win. He Is The Man!! Just ask him… “Nobody” stands in front of a gold plated urinal like The Trump.

Tweety Bird is at it again…
So much for taking a tweet-break… On the morning of March 4th, *TweetyBird was at it again. Our “so-called President” a.k.a., POTUS45, has accused President Barak Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower- As CNN reported – FBI Director James Comey was ‘incredulous’ over Trump’s tweets.

So lets assume that Trump Tower was bugged. If it was, I would also assume that it just might have something to do with the numerous Russian connections by the so-called Trump surrogates, and maybe The Trump himself. And if it was an authorized wiretap, it would indicate a justified-cause to investigate. Whatever the case, it will only be a matter of hours or days before we know if there really was bugging and which Investigative Department ordered it. That said, I’m wondering when more Republicans will hop on the “Let’s get rid of this lout” bandwagon, and get a real leader at the helm, before it really is too late.

I forgot to tell you what…? (


The bottom line…
What a week- BIG SPEECH– big mouth, small mind, no plans, just the usual, toned down a bit. And **Li’Nsession– Another top level, lying, forgetful soul with Russian connections. Seems to me that regardless of whether the President is a Republican or a Democrat, he or she would want to appoint top level personnel who have good memories, who will tell the truth, especially when under oath. And at that level, how does one forget meeting a Russian Ambassador, known to be a top spy and spy recruiter? Kinda difficult to fathom.

Then there is the supposed, Obama wiretapping… Crossed wires maybe? Or more BS as TweetyBird, sinks deeper and deeper into the Russian-connection, liars moat? Just 5 weeks into this sham of a presidency, the chaos continues, and the obvious fact that there is little or no understanding (at the top) of how our government works or is meant to work, distractions continue to seriously hamper the job of governing. Does the “buck stop” there? Or does it stop anywhere in the world where the Trump logo appears? That’s my guess, and that might also be in Russia. So follow the gold brick road, look for the TRUMP logo on money clips, and not on hotels, at least for the time being. “For Trump, Three Decades of Chasing Deals in Russia” Click here to read the full New York Times article. NYT-

Maybe for another time…
Based on these first 5 weeks, I would ask you to consider the following- The overall attitude of the GOP pushing hard to get their way should baffle the voter’s minds no more than how the DNC operates. The true bottom line… We need term limits on all elected officials in Washington, and probably the entire United States. And I would start with a one-term, six year presidency, and work down from there with regard to Senators and Congressman- Maybe a three term limit. Seems to me, regardless of the party, our elected officials in Washington are out for themselves, and worried more about getting re-elected than bringing good government to to their states and their constituents. After all, aren’t our representatives supposed to represent us? Well it ain’t happening… More on this topic in the coming weeks.

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

This week’s NeWerds are – *TweetyBird and **Li’Nsession

* TweetyBird (a.k.a., POTUS45U) – The orange-headed tweeter is a silly, often offensive and vulgar creature, lacking knowledge, direction, and purpose. It squawks “Nobody” and tweets mindlessly, in search of another distraction.

** Lin session– Pronounced- Lie-N-Session When an apparent liar, at the top-tier of an organization, can’t keep his words or lies straight and falls back to “I don’t remember…” AG Sessions just can’t get it straight. So if he’s lying, get rid of the bum. And if like his surrogate buddy Gen. Flynn, a.k.a. FlynnFlam, he is forgetful, don’t believe it… Get rid of the bum.

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