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Enough is enough!



Image of the dead body of Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach. Nilufer Demir/Reuters


August 17, 2016 5 year old Omran Daqneesh with a bloodied face, sits in an ambulance after
he was rescued following an air strike in Aleeppo, Syria. His 10 year old brother dies in the
attack but the rest of milky survived. Reuters


Six children drown as refugee boat sinks off Turkey. International news



21 people drown, including 3 children after boat capsizes off Turkey’s Aegean coast. Muslim Mirror

The bottom line…
In my perfect world, and probably your’s, here is what needs to happen… The following countries,  in alphabetical order: Belgium, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Korea (both north and south should be invited to participate), The Netherlands, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, and The United States, should all be invited to sit down, around a very large round table. Once there, they need to “seriously” discuss how to end the bombing, killing, death, destruction, and what I foresee as the continued path to the possible end of the world as we know it.

Now I’m not exactly sure what I perceive as “the possible end of the world as we know it…” But it should be clear to one and all, with multiple wars going on between numerous countries, adversaries and terrorist organizations, not to mention whatever it is that North Korea is attempting to do, or might do; all is not well.

In general, the various historical issues that relate to religion, control and power, borders, tribal disputes, oil or money, all need to be addressed. Hopefully I haven’t missed anything. But I do believe that if things are taken seriously, and can be reasonably discussed and possibly solved, future generations might have a chance. Except of course, for those issues that relate to “religion, control and power, borders, tribal disputes, oil or money…” But I’m sorry, it just ain’t worth the end of one more child’s life.

Enough is enough…

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

All Trumped up, and no place to go…

All Trumped up, and no place to go…


(Credit: Getty Images / Mario Tama) Edited to add sign

This Trump guy continues to amaze me. He is everywhere; he’s on television, radio, in every newspaper, and on endless talk shows. When it comes to being a showman he’s quite talented. But as a statesman, and the president of our country? I think not!  He comes out with outrageous statements, many of which are lies, insults or just sheer ignorance. He seems to lack any knowledge at all regarding world affairs, and especially foreign policy, and it is apparent he respects no one. So how did he get to where he is? It’s simple … the news media has more than helped create this monster. And in a sad sense, that’s their job, to report the news … Regardless!

For example, he makes outrageous statements that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the “founders of ISIS,” thereby creating and feeding the Breaking News machines. Trump called both the President and Hillary “MVP’s” with regard to their founding of a terrorist organization — totally absurd, but the media, all media, run with it, for several days. And then when he tries to back off a bit by saying he was only being “sarcastic,” they run with that.  And by keeping the face, the voice, the words, the ignorance and the stupidity in front of the believers and almost-believers, by way of the media, the mouth gets bigger and the statements become more absurd and outrageous by the day.

Now the thought of The Trump becoming the President of the United States borders on the truly absurd. And although I do believe Hillary will beat him rather soundly, until she does we should all be very nervous … and here’s why:  There are millions of people that are buying into this guy’s crap, and to me, that is astounding.  Like those who loved Sarah Palin, so many are just as ignorant in their support for The Trumpeter.  Now don’t get me wrong, many who support him are highly intelligent, and that astounds me even more … and there are many too embarrassed to admit they will vote for him.

If you had the opportunity to watch The Trump give his “I’ll take care of ISIS” speech on Monday, you will only have learned that he has learned to read from his Teletrumpter a slight bit better. I guarantee you there is no true understanding of the problem and/or any possible solutions. This will become more apparent if and when he allows a competent news person to interview him without having to submit the questions in advance. And his lack of understanding of any answers to the problem will really become obvious when he debates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He is a blustering and incompetent candidate, and will carry that into the Oval Office if we as Americans allow it to happen.

Put this dolt in front of Chris Cuomo at CNN, or Megyn Kelly from FOX, or better yet, Ana Navarro, a CNN political commentator and a Republican, or any journalist who has the guts to ask serious, non-slanted questions based on previous statements made by The Trump, and see what happens. He will fold like a wet piece of garbage in the Bay of Rio.

“It’s fixed, it’s rigged, they cheat me…”  Yada, yada, yada.  It never ends with this guy and the media falls all over itself, even as The Trump says, “The media is the lowest form of life…”  He continues to work them to his own end. He plays the media like the first chair violinist in the New York Philharmonic.

The bottom line… So here’s what I think will happen:  The Trump will keep coming up with more insulting and ignorant trash talk. Hillary will put him in his place during the debates. And when the BIG MOUTH BULLY doesn’t know the answer to the questions he doesn’t really understand, he’ll attack the next President of the United States with name calling, and accusations of cheating and rigging. He may even duck out of at least one debate.

When the final votes are counted on November 8th, 2016, and Hillary wins by more than most have predicted, Donald J. Trump, Bully Boy, with the Mouth that roared, “I will fix it,” will tell all the world that his real goal was to undermine the Republican Party for the good of the country. And that the United States should feel a sense of gratitude for his accomplishment.

Give me a break!  Please Donald go home, hug your wife, and thank your children for voting for Hillary.

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

As an after thought … I just saw Jan Brewer on CNN’s State of the Union, with Jake Tapper. Remember her, the former Republican Governor of Arizona?  She’s the “finger lady,” who was apparently scolding President Obama several years ago, wagging her finger in the President’s face.

As I watched her and listened to this totally unaware, unprepared, not very knowledgeable person (sound familiar?), I began to wonder … That hair looks familiar!  Hmm… Is she Donald Trump? Is Donald Trump Jan Brewer?  Gosh, I really don’t know.  I’ve never seen them on camera together. I’ve never heard or read that they were at the same place, at the same time. Could it be? I wonder … And that hair, wow.

The Awakening… Get rid of the bum!

The Awakening… Get rid of the bum!

Here’s Why Trump Can’t Be Trusted with the Nuclear Codes


It’s not only about worldwide destruction, as expert John Noonan explains. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

To read the original article, click here.

I’d like to think someone in the GOP read my June 13, 2016 column, Prejudice 101. Prejudent Trump? It does have a ring to it. DING DONG!! But I am quite sure that what you are about to read, has been on the minds of many, for months and months. And only now is it beginning to take form. And if all goes well, it should play out rather nicely. Click here to read more.

It was that June 13th “The bottom line…” that made the point: Now I could go on, and on, but let me close with the idea that this blustering pile of prejudice needs to be stopped from becoming President, the highest political office in our land, and the people that can do this are the Republicans. That’s right, the GOP must come out in force, under the leadership of Paul Ryan. The simple words are “enough is enough… We can not risk letting this ignorant racist, prejudicial, reactionary man gain command of our country and especially our military…”

In force, the GOP can do what it takes to stop him. A strong third party candidate, stacked, backed and sponsored by the powers that be, within the GOP, could take enough votes away from The Trump. Yes, it will hand the Presidency to the Democrats. But at the same time, it will tell this country, and the rest of the world, that the GOP really cares. It will set a precedent that is unheard of in any previous election in this country, and possibly in any democracy. This electoral season is unlike anything that has come before it. It is ridiculous and very scary to think of The Trump as President. It would be The Bad, The Worst and The Ugly, of American politics.

The GOP needs to re-vamp, alter their direction, and their principles. They need to set out and find what Americans want and need… Everyday Americans, and not just the white millionaires who fund their campaigns. The GOP needs to sacrifice the short term, in favor of the long-term. And that would be what’s best for the majority of Americans and the saving of our country… to keep America Great…

I wrote that column over two months ago, I was hoping something like what I wrote would happen. But it seemed so unlikely. But guess what? Yesterday, August 08, 2016, was  a day that could go down as one of the truly great days in American politics. And depending on the outcome, I’m hoping it will be a great day for America. And if it is, we will have the GOP to thank. And who woulda thunk?

Three stories hit the news yesterday, all of which I expect will have a huge impact on the next 90+ days before the election. The first I heard about on the radio last night, on the Norman Goldman show, on WCPT. It addressed one Evan McMullen and his GOP (within that party’s), 3rd party candidacy. And if that sentence didn’t make sense, please read on and be stunned…

The best account of the Evan McMullen story that I found was- Click to read more. Please keep in mind that regardless of what Mr. McMullen purports his reason to be, there is a clear understanding by all, that taking votes away from Donald Trump, will only help  Hillary Clinton. And as much and as often as the GOP likes to rip Hillary, they also know that she is a smarter and safer bet when it comes to keeping America secure and safe.

The second story of importance was- GOP senator: ‘I will not be voting for Donald Trump’ Click here to read more. 

The third story, which clearly relates to Evan McMullen and his decision to run within the GOP as a 3rd party candidate to undermine The Trump. This was the CNN story –  50 GOP national security experts oppose Donald Trump. Click here to read more. And once again, we are talking about a secure and safe America. And these 50 security experts can read The Trump as someone who has no depth of experience other than someone who hurts people, takes advantage of people and lacks the overall knowledge and experience required to sit behind the desk in the White House as the Commander In Chief. And oh yes, let us not forget his no thought, reactionary, mindlessness.

The bottom line… So it seems to be happening and I couldn’t be happier. But here is where the GOP also needs to direct their efforts. The so-called “autopsy” which was supposed to have taken place when Romney lost to Obama, apparently never happened and or whatever was learned resulted in Donald Trump. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Donald Trump and an extremely weak field of other GOP primary candidates who couldn’t compete with the three ring circus Trump lives in.

The GOP needs to look at America and the needs of all the people, not just the white millionaires. The GOP needs to take stock of race and people of all colors and persuasions. They need to quit blaming Obama for literally everything, including job loss when in fact, the President was left with a big hole to dig out of when he first came into office, and he has done an admirable job. At the same time, the GOP might take into consideration the campaign Mitch McConnell has waged against everything Obama, and look at the number of lost and or expanded jobs that didn’t take place due to  the failure of Congress to support many of Obama’s ideas, infrastructure improvements being one that could have created thousands and thousands of jobs.

So when all is said and done, blame McConnell and a Republican Congress for most of what the Obama administration has  been blamed for. Get rid of The Trump, take into consideration the true needs of America. Future elections at all levels of government should have outstanding candidates from both parties. America can only prosper when both Democrats and Republicans can offer decent, knowledgeable, experienced  candidates who don’t go after Gold Star victims and parents, people of color, and of various religions and disabilities.

Yes America is great. And we all want to keep it that way. Put and idiot like Donald trump in the White House, give him access to the military and nuclear weapons and all bets are off.


So I repeat… Get rid of the bum! Before it’s too late! Now that would really be great…

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

You have nothing to fear but Trump Himself…

You have nothing to fear but Trump Himself…

Donald Trump? Seriously?


Dump The Trump…

Broken News… Broken News… Broken News… And this is why!

CNN – Saturday evening, 07/29/16, Michael Smerconish reported that the Fox News Network did not offer live coverage of three specific speeches during its DNC coverage, specifically: The Mothers of the Movement, the Black Lives Matter speech; the speech given by retired USMC, Four Star General, John Allen; and, possibly the most moving of all you may have seen or heard during the DNC week or, for that matter, over the period of both conventions weeks, the speech given by Khizir Khan. In a speech that included displaying a copy of the Constitution, a father rebuked Donald J. Trump and gave voice to Muslim Americans.  What follows is the New York Times reporting of that speech. Decide for yourself.

In Tribute to Son, Khizr Khan Offered Citizenship Lesson at Convention… click here for the original article

In a speech that included displaying a copy of the Constitution, a father rebuked Donald J. Trump and gave voice to Muslim Americans


Alex Wong/Getty Images

Donald Trump: Make America great again? The Republican Convention: Dark, scary, preaching fear and hate mongering, playing on ignorance? Law and order? NATO and to hell with our allies? Build a GREAT WALL? Keep the Mexicans out? He hopes the Russians can hack an American server? Trump University? Then add in the disgusting remarks about women and all previous DT/BS and a whole lot of “I will do this”, and “I will do that!” I, I, I.

Donald Trump? Seriously? He is shallow, uninformed, lacking knowledge and understanding of world issues! There is little or no depth of character and even less intelligence when one goes two sentences below whatever question, speech, or thought he might have, regarding any possible topic that would relate to being a world leader, let alone understanding and taking on the responsibilities of the President of the United States. An Apprentice at best. Believe it, please… Not a clue! Donald Trump? Seriously? Really?

Hillary Clinton: America is great! The Democratic Convention: Smart, positive, inclusive, realistic goals, hopeful and headed in the right direction. As President Obama said last Wednesday night during his speech at the Democratic Convention, “Reject cynicism, reject fear!” The president also made it clear that he felt Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to ever run for the office of President, and that means any woman or any man, including himself and Bill Clinton, two guys that did pretty damn good jobs. Hillary Clinton is an easy choice. Be smart! Be grateful!

The bottom line…
Hillary Clinton … Think about it. Members of the GOP have been going after her and or Bill for years. Is she perfect? No, she is not. But she is clearly the best, and by far the more qualified, person for the job, not only in this election, but in any. By the way, a number of those GOP Clinton haters have turned their backs on The Trump by not showing up at the GOP Convention, as well as expressing disdain and an unwillingness to vote for him. A red flag for sure. That said, one of the things I find scariest is those who can’t see this picture clearly.

There are a whole lot of White, blue collar workers out there who think The Trump holds all the answers, and that he alone can fix anything. Like soooooo many of Sarah Palin’s supporters, many of Trump’s supporters don’t understand most, if not all of the issues on the table. They, like their candidate, don’t have the depth of knowledge to comprehend the BIG picture.

So to one and all, please, please don’t be taken in by this Apprentice wannabe, and uber Con Man. The stakes are way too high. By far, Hillary Clinton brings the greatest amount of experience, understanding and knowledge needed to step into this important job on Day One. It’s not even close. So please, if you are in any way thinking of voting for anyone other than Hillary, don’t. Enough already! Give it up please! You want to keep America great? You want to keep America strong? Then do the right thing, do the smart thing… Vote for Hillary Clinton!

By the way… Consider Donald Trump’s response to Mr. Kahn’s words at the Democratic Convention – his attack on the man and the attack on his wife. This is a prime example of the ignorance of the candidate and the embarrassment this country suffers with his candidacy.

So I ask… When is GOP Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence, going to wise up and get out of this race before he is flushed down Donald Trump’s personal toilet? And when is CNN going to apologize to the world for making former Trump campaign bully, Corey Lewandowski, their own “Political Commentator”? Get rid of the bum!


God forbid Donald Trump should become president!


Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.