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100 Daze!

Great, incredible, amazing, fantastic, wonderful and of course, bigly…
And let us not forget- it’s been 100, lazy, crazy, somewhat hazy days of, The Trump. UGH!

100 Days, 100 lies? Oh soooooooo many more lies than that. Actually, there were lies that were- great, amazing, fantastic (not so) incredible and oh so BIGLY. And the first 100 lies took place in Trump’s first 36 days in office. Here they are

It was June 17, 2015 when Mr. Trump announced he was running for President.  As of April 29, 2017, Mr. Trump’s “100th Day” in office, this creature of numerous terrible habits has been lying almost non-stop, spewing forth lies and  insults like no one this country has ever seen or heard before. This creepy creature, of dubious and questionable character has lied, insulted, and flip-flopped his way into the highest office in the land. And now we must hope and pray this habitual liar doesn’t do too much damage to America and the world. But if he does, I’m sure he’ll think of someway to blame it on Obama.

And there is so much more…
100 Days, of promises and accomplishments. So far, the good news is, no travel ban, no wall, and no repeal of Obamacare. To learn more about our misfit President and what he says vs. what he does, check out thIs website,

How about a “Travel-ban” against Mr. Trump? His weekend trips to Mara-a-Lago are costing the country a fortune. As president, Mr. Tump has made 7 weekend trips (out of 15 weekends in office) to his little gold throne in Florida. The cost to date, $25,000,000+… And this is the guy who used to criticize President Obama’s, not-so-frequent golf getaways. Check it out


This President gig ain’t so easy… © CARLOS BARRIA / REUTERS

No one told Trump the President gig was going to be so difficult…
He apparently needs those little golf and Trump “business” getaway trips because the apparent work load and difficulty of performing his new job is a bit much. I think its difficult for him because it’s a little tougher to be a thug when he has accountability. When it’s just Trump, in Trump Tower, he is in charge and all who work for him, jump at every word. Not so anymore! For that reason don’t be surprised if one day he just walks away. I’m not sure he can take it.

The bottom line…
So its been 100 days of chaos and unpredictability, and I strongly suspect it will continue in that manner. The guy at the top still doesn’t have a clue. He seems to understand so little, and he doesn’t seek to understand much of anything. He relies on others to put it all together and then give him a one page outline. To make it worse, this is the way Mr. Trump seems to operate at all times, on all levels. One or more of his Minions- Ivanka, Jared Kushner,  Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, , VP Pence, and others can be beckoned at anytime, and are usually within shouting distance. He surely needs the help just in understanding the day-to-day.

When a smiley-face Mr. Trump holds up a black folder with white pages, with his just-signed-signature at the bottom, ya gotta wonder if he knows what he just signed.  The smile indicates it’s a  really BIGLY deal for sure… And I’m very sure there is no way in hell he has a clue as to what he just signed. Oh he might have a “title” from the cover-page to reference, but little or no depth of understanding of the majority of the contents of those folders. He knows nothing!!

What I found particularly disturbing was when 100 Senators were invited to the White House on April 26, “ostensibly for a classified briefing on the growing threat posed by North Korea and its quest for nuclear weapons.” The meeting was lead by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and General Joesph Dunford Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Oh, and Mr. Trump stopped by for 14 minutes of the hour-long “briefing.” Clearly he didn’t have much to say and was surely grateful he didn’t have to field questions. He knows nothing!!

So it’s been 100 Daze… And we have many more to go before he quits or is impeached. I’ll take either. How embarrassing for our country…

To sum these past 100 days up, I do believe The Simpsons have it covered pretty well Take a look

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.

This week’s NeWerd is *  Trump’s100Daze –  Right from the dictionary: Daze- NOUN a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment: “he was walking around in a daze”
synonyms: stupor · trance · haze · spin · whirl · muddle · jumble

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