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Ugly? Now that’s ugly…


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Looking west, from Europe…
It ain’t all pretty, but it doesn’t have to be ugly either… I’m in Europe for several weeks, taking a bit of a vacation. I’ll tell you more about that later in September. But for now, what follows are comments and views based on what other travelers have mentioned when they find out I am an American, as well as my own take on things.

I left Chicago’s O’Hare Field on Thursday, August 25, and the questions and comments from others began as I sat near my gate waiting to board. A number of Americans preferred to make their pros and cons known almost immediately upon learning that I wrote a political blog and that I was interested in the thoughts of others I met on my trip, regardless of where they called home, and regardless of their opinion.

Of  course, everyone from America or elsewhere had an opinion. Easily, the vast majority of those I spoke with expressed their preference for Hillary over The Trump, and that made me feel somewhat relieved. Of course, it’s only the Americans who get to vote, but there were those Americans who did prefer The Trump. And when reasons were expressed, and I mentioned Sarah Palin, their eyes lit up, and they told me how they were disappointed she and McCain didn’t win.  Really?!?!?!?!

THE ANSWER? Hell, I don’t even understand the question


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Those I spoke with returning to Europe, or in Europe, didn’t understand what was going on in the good old U.S. of A. “Donald Trump”! He was overwhelmingly perceived as The Ugly American… Oh they knew Hillary Clinton, and she certainly has a few problems of her own. But the greater majority most definitely approved because (in no particular order): She had been around forever. Women and children were always important to her, and high on her list of priorities. As a First Lady, regardless of what you thought of Bill, she was perceived as first-rate. As a Secretary of State she had traveled the world, knew all the leaders and the issues (their words, not mine), and was not only properly respected, but was often liked by many. There have been other female world leaders, Presidents, and Prime Ministers, and many had done a decent to very good job. So in almost every instance, having a female president was hardly an issue.

As I said, regarding The Trump, The Ugly American perception prevails. One fellow from Germany even suggested he was the “ugliest of Americans…” and apparently with good reason: the news Europeans receive by way of television, the Internet or print, often portrays this somewhat slobitious (I made that word up back in 1967-68. You figure it out.) creature as rude, crude, foul mouthed and, most of the time, ignorant. Many couldn’t believe he was actually a presidential candidate. And they were embarrassed for my country. As am I.

The world is laughing at us friends, and clearly it’s all Obama’s fault. No it’s Hillary’s fault. No, Obama, no Hill’s, no Bill’s, no Malia, Sasha, their grandmother Marion Robinson, The First Dog Bo, no The Second Dog Sunny…

How about the biggest, dirtiest, slimiest weasel(s) of them all, Mitch McConnell and the GOP? I mean can you believe the lineup of goofs they mustered for their primary season? I’m excluding John Kasich from that list because he, like Hillary, was clearly qualified to step into that rather
BIG job without skipping a beat. Come on folks, really … Ted Kruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, that brain surgeon guy? This is all fodder for SNL. I think the whole thing was rigged by Lorne Michaels. Let’s blame it on Lorne.

I have said it before… I am a life-long Democrat who, on occasion, has voted Republican in State (Illinois) elections. And I will forever stress the idea that the only way we, as a country, win, is when each party comes up with the very best America has to offer in their particular candidate.

Now this is the one that really worries me. So damn smug. Gonna get ya. Got ya!



The bottom line…
So I ask you, name 5 potential Democratic candidates that are more qualified than Hillary. Now name 25 that are more qualified than Donald Trump. It’s easy, and we all know it. So let’s stop with the lying, bullying, ignorant, fascist, racist, right-wing, punch-em in the nose BS. Regarding criteria, we don’t need or want an apprentice in the White House. We need and want the smartest, most qualified, and most invested person available in the White House … and it ain’t Donald Trump. If he wins, or even comes close to winning, the joke isn’t just on us, it’s on the world. As Americans we have to keep trying harder because decade after decade we keep making fools of ourselves. And no matter how his children or his “Handlers of the Month” choose to dress him up, The Ugliest American ever, spreads ignorance and ugliness every time he opens his mouth. Surely we can do better? And there’s no better time to start than today.

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.