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Kellyanne Conway- repeat after me- “Alternative facts” = Lies!


A missed opportunity?
Absolutely. In her January 21, 2017 column , Lynn Sweet opened with, “President Donald Trump’s inaugural address was a lost opportunity to be conciliatory…”   In her column Lynn wrote of Trump’s Senior White House Advisor, Kellyanne Conway’s comment about her boss’ “personally written” 16-minute speech: “You’re going to hear a man of action, a man of resolve … In what we all know is a divided country.”  You can read Lynn’s entire column here:

It’s pretty clear that “Don-Boy” did write many of the words that went into that speech. And then someone else went in and cleaned it up, probably quite a bit. The problem with the speech was, it was the same, ongoing problem with Trump … He just doesn’t get it. He’s been blabbing about the same old garbage for 15-18 months now. There’s nothing new! There are no new ideas! No plans, nothing explained in any detail. But the President did assure us that, “American carnage stops right here, right now…” Wow, I am so relieved.

So how long will it all last? In an earlier posting I speculated that The Trump would not fill out his 4-year term. On November 18, 2016, shortly after the election, I wrote, “We’re stuck with The Trump, at least for the time being. My gut tells me that Vice President Pence will fill out the term as President. I say that because of possible impeachment, quitting the gig out of boredom, or by way of glutinous suicide, by overeating when things don’t go exactly his way. It would appear his attention span is limited to 140 characters. There is very little intellect, or understanding of the world outside his 24-carat bathroom. Worse yet, the frosting on that cake is ignorance… Somewhat “vanilla” ignorance!”  To read the entire 11/18/16 post click here:

Briefcase used by the President of the United States to authorize a nuclear attack while away from fixed command centers.                  (Photo by Jamie Chung)

Observations and tidbits…
On the morning of the inauguration, “Don-Boy” will have “The Football” explained. And if he   missed the earlier briefing when “The Football” was probably     mentioned in some detail, his briefing on 01/20/17, on Nuclear weapons, codes, how and when, etc., etc., should have been rather sobering. Our worry as citizens of this already “great” country should be that “Don-Boy” just doesn’t seem to get much of anything. But get this, please — Don’t fire a nuke if someone  sends you a Tweet calling you a liar. You are a liar! Better you should learn to tell the truth. Playing with “The Football” is not going to go over well with the world community. As for “The Football” learn more here:

  •  Please President-elect Trump, stop talking about your huge victory, enough of the “Wall” already, enough yak about Obamacare. Stop with the donor talk, stop with your Cabinet picks… Enough about the “crooked press…” Stop, stop, stop!! How about getting to work. And above all stop the damn lying. No one really cares about the number of people attending your big day?     Start paying attention “Don-Boy”, you’re in the BIG LEAGUES NOW!
  • You and your team took over at 12:01 PM on Friday January 20th and you have almost no one in place with regard to Cabinet positions, security concerns, Whitehouse Staff, Defense Department, etc., etc.  No significant security transition has taken place. Very few security replacements, few if any clearances for those replacements … Nothing! Zip! Nada! You do realize I hope… Ivanka can’t do it all!
  • For the Record — The press is not trying to “delegitimize this President or his Administration…” Trump and company are doing a fine job of that themselves. It’s about learning to tell the truth… My guess is that The President has been lying most of his adult life, if not longer. But when you send Sean Spicer out to blatantly lie for you, and then Kellyanne Conway to spew forth with “alternative facts…” well the lying gets a little deep. Spicer and Conway know they’re lying! And how they keep it up is beyond me. I keep wondering if and when some of your key players are going to quit, rather than tell that next great lie. Look Mr. President… UDo that, and the press and everyone else will have far less to criticize. Give it a try. You might even earn a little of the respect you so desperately want and need.
  • On another topic to be mentioned now and discussed later- The “Women’s Marches” this past  weekend were just plain great. And we can only hope for more of the same, with even  more direction. But there is something missing, and it’s something of major importance. This movement needs a Voice and a Face. Who will that leader be? It can’t be Elizabeth Warren or anyone else in government. It must be an outsider. Someone to be looked up to and respected.

I’m a “Baby Boomer” a Veteran, and a product of the Vietnam War. We had faces and voices that helped bring an end to the Vietnam War. “The Chicago Seven” did a more than an admirable job in helping to bring attention to the likes of Presidents Johnson and Nixon, Cambodia, etc., etc., etc. This movement needs a leader and we must find that person and voice before all is lost.

The bottom line…
Almost every time “Don-Boy” speaks he gives us the “same-old, same-old” words, phrases and gestures we’ve been hearing for the last 15+ months. It never changes. Let us hope that the next 1-4 years improve on this TrumpTidbit- Life Accordion To Trump.

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Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.