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Europeans cannot believe what is going on in this country…
On a recent trip to Greece, I easily spoke with 100-125 people +/-, regarding the upcoming election. No I did not interview them and no there was no so-called “scientific poll” taken. But they not only made their views clear, they were anxious to let me know what most people in their country were thinking.

The majority of those I spoke with were Greek or German. Many Germans visit the Greek Islands and that’s why their numbers were similar. But I also spoke with people from Poland, England, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, and China … and in almost every instance they expressed surprise that our election process seems totally out of control.

Easily over 95% of those I spoke with thought Donald Trump was a joke. They wondered why a country “supposedly” as great as the United States couldn’t come up with better candidates. And although most respected Hillary’s intelligence, knowledge, connections, work as the US Secretary of State, and her history working for women’s rights and the wellbeing of children, this Trump guy was beyond comprehension. The world is laughing at us.

As for the first debate…
It’s hardly worth discussing, other than to say the guy just can’t tell the truth. In addition, he showed no depth of understanding or comprehension of almost any word that came out of his mouth. And that was not just him trying to answer the questions asked, but his general demeanor and the topics he chose to address, as well.

Whenever something was asked or discussed and he had no knowledge, he reverted to China, Hillary’s emails, building a wall, law and order, etc., etc.  And please take note … There is no new information on those topics. It’s all old news. Enough to said on the debate.

The bottom line…
Don’t you wonder how much The Trump is paying his current and former talking heads? It’s gotta be a fortune. Think about it, in no particular order — Jeffrey Lord, Kellyanne Conway, Corey Lewandowski, Sarah Huckabee, Katrina Pierson, Kayleigh McEnany, Roger Stone, etc., etc.  And of course there is Paul Manafort, Trump’s Russian connection.

How much is he paying these people to front for him? It has to be a substantial amount because they, these so-called Trump supporters, become part of every lie that comes out of his mouth, every disgusting remark about women, blacks, Hispanics. Every lie and insult that they try and defend is inexcusable, because they know the truth.

I just don’t get it. Then again, The Trump doesn’t get much of it either. Go figure…

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.