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Just answer the damn question…

So The Trump is the showman, the media has been the conduit, and The Trump’s followers, many of whom thought Sarah Palin was just terrific, are just as out of touch as their candidate.

When The Trump is asked a question, his answers today are just as empty as they were during the GOP primary almost a year and a half ago. They are brief, they lack understanding and depth, and he quickly turns back to criticizing Hillary, the media, Paul Ryan and anyone else he can think of, in an effort to direct attention away from his ignorance.

In the last month, the press has become appreciably tougher with their questioning, but it should have always been that way — Ask the question, and get the answer. Push until the real answer to the original question is on the table.

I hope that once this year’s election is over the press will maintain a tough and direct line of questioning with all those they interview, regardless of the topic.  I know this will never actually happen, but wouldn’t you love, just once, to see an interviewer who is getting the brushoff say something like, “Please answer the question or go find another show. We are only interested in the truth.”  Or when the “interrupters” and the “over-talkers” won’t stop, how about, “Shut off their mikes.”  Again, it will never happen … but wouldn’t it be great?

More Trump… Not this week!
I’m going to stay away from The Trump/Billy Bush Pussy tapes, and the so-called “Locker room banter.”  The guy is low class, he’s kind of stupid, and he gets
way too much attention.  So, no more Trump this week.

Aleppo, Mosul, and the daily, life threatening dangers that exist…




There is the relentless bombing of the people in Aleppo who cannot defend themselves. To this day I think that Obama made a mistake when he drew that “red line,” warning Assad about the use of chemical weapons. Read more here.

The president should have followed through with those so-called “enormous consequences,” but he did not. And now Russia seems to be running much of what takes place over there.

Then there is the dam just north of Mosul which, if damaged accidentally or, more likely, with intent, could cause flooding all the way south to Baghdad. That would immediately endanger hundreds and hundreds of thousands of lives. So the question becomes, “Is anyone watching out for and protecting the Mosul Dam?”

More and more, the world is becoming an extremely scary place and one of the scariest in my mind is the hydroelectric dam, north of Mosul.  It “faces risk of catastrophic failure…” Read more here.

And my worry is that ISIS will destroy the Mosul Dam in the coming days.

When will it all stop…?

Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.