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Donald Trump? Seriously?


Dump The Trump…

Broken News… Broken News… Broken News… And this is why!

CNN – Saturday evening, 07/29/16, Michael Smerconish reported that the Fox News Network did not offer live coverage of three specific speeches during its DNC coverage, specifically: The Mothers of the Movement, the Black Lives Matter speech; the speech given by retired USMC, Four Star General, John Allen; and, possibly the most moving of all you may have seen or heard during the DNC week or, for that matter, over the period of both conventions weeks, the speech given by Khizir Khan. In a speech that included displaying a copy of the Constitution, a father rebuked Donald J. Trump and gave voice to Muslim Americans.  What follows is the New York Times reporting of that speech. Decide for yourself.

In Tribute to Son, Khizr Khan Offered Citizenship Lesson at Convention… click here for the original article

In a speech that included displaying a copy of the Constitution, a father rebuked Donald J. Trump and gave voice to Muslim Americans


Alex Wong/Getty Images

Donald Trump: Make America great again? The Republican Convention: Dark, scary, preaching fear and hate mongering, playing on ignorance? Law and order? NATO and to hell with our allies? Build a GREAT WALL? Keep the Mexicans out? He hopes the Russians can hack an American server? Trump University? Then add in the disgusting remarks about women and all previous DT/BS and a whole lot of “I will do this”, and “I will do that!” I, I, I.

Donald Trump? Seriously? He is shallow, uninformed, lacking knowledge and understanding of world issues! There is little or no depth of character and even less intelligence when one goes two sentences below whatever question, speech, or thought he might have, regarding any possible topic that would relate to being a world leader, let alone understanding and taking on the responsibilities of the President of the United States. An Apprentice at best. Believe it, please… Not a clue! Donald Trump? Seriously? Really?

Hillary Clinton: America is great! The Democratic Convention: Smart, positive, inclusive, realistic goals, hopeful and headed in the right direction. As President Obama said last Wednesday night during his speech at the Democratic Convention, “Reject cynicism, reject fear!” The president also made it clear that he felt Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to ever run for the office of President, and that means any woman or any man, including himself and Bill Clinton, two guys that did pretty damn good jobs. Hillary Clinton is an easy choice. Be smart! Be grateful!

The bottom line…
Hillary Clinton … Think about it. Members of the GOP have been going after her and or Bill for years. Is she perfect? No, she is not. But she is clearly the best, and by far the more qualified, person for the job, not only in this election, but in any. By the way, a number of those GOP Clinton haters have turned their backs on The Trump by not showing up at the GOP Convention, as well as expressing disdain and an unwillingness to vote for him. A red flag for sure. That said, one of the things I find scariest is those who can’t see this picture clearly.

There are a whole lot of White, blue collar workers out there who think The Trump holds all the answers, and that he alone can fix anything. Like soooooo many of Sarah Palin’s supporters, many of Trump’s supporters don’t understand most, if not all of the issues on the table. They, like their candidate, don’t have the depth of knowledge to comprehend the BIG picture.

So to one and all, please, please don’t be taken in by this Apprentice wannabe, and uber Con Man. The stakes are way too high. By far, Hillary Clinton brings the greatest amount of experience, understanding and knowledge needed to step into this important job on Day One. It’s not even close. So please, if you are in any way thinking of voting for anyone other than Hillary, don’t. Enough already! Give it up please! You want to keep America great? You want to keep America strong? Then do the right thing, do the smart thing… Vote for Hillary Clinton!

By the way… Consider Donald Trump’s response to Mr. Kahn’s words at the Democratic Convention – his attack on the man and the attack on his wife. This is a prime example of the ignorance of the candidate and the embarrassment this country suffers with his candidacy.

So I ask… When is GOP Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence, going to wise up and get out of this race before he is flushed down Donald Trump’s personal toilet? And when is CNN going to apologize to the world for making former Trump campaign bully, Corey Lewandowski, their own “Political Commentator”? Get rid of the bum!


God forbid Donald Trump should become president!


Peace. I am Bob Danon, and integrity does matter.